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Jewschool Stands in Solidarity with Jerusalem LGBTQ Community

The Jewschool Editorial Board and community send solidarity and lots of love and support, for what they’re worth, to our friends in the LGBTQ community and allies in Jerusalem (some of whom are themselves Jewschoolers) on this dark and terrifying day, when six of the proud marchers for human rights and dignity at the Jerusalem Pride Parade were stabbed (two now in serious condition) by the notorious anti-gay terrorist Yishai Schlissel, who had recently been released from prison after his attempted murder conviction for stabbing three marchers at the 2005 Jerusalem Pride Parade. The good news is that, according to the news reports we’re seeing, the police and top leadership of the state seem to have been taking security of the marchers much more seriously now than they did back then. Stay strong, friends; chizku ve-imtzu in living fearless, proud, open, inclusive, queer lives in Jerusalem, so that it may, one day, be the Ir HaKodesh that we aspire for it to be.
You can follow news coverage at Ha’aretz.

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