JIB 2004: Jewschool 0wnZ3rz!

The final results for the 2004 Jewish & Israeli Blog Awards are in. After some adjustments made to the vote tally (some over-enthusiastic Jewlicious fan cheated!), Jewschool came out on top: Best Group Blog, Best Designed Blog, 2nd Best Overall Blog, 2nd Best Jewish Culture Blog, and 3rd Best Israel Advocacy Blog. Thanks to everyone who voted for us!

11 thoughts on “JIB 2004: Jewschool 0wnZ3rz!

  1. Apparently pointing out the flaws of Jews is “constructive criticism”, even when calling for Israel to be considered an “apartheid state” and requesting that other countries (who never, ever act out of self-interest, only justice) punish Israel for its sins, but hold up a mirror to the Arab world and your’e spreading hate.
    Charles Johnson isn’t Jewish, that’s true. But if this were baseball and I was the GM, I’d be happy to trade for him. Who would I trade? So many possibilities…

  2. Clearly, no love for Little Green Footballs here (et tu, Shtreimel?). Can anyone tell me why? I visit LGF only occasionally, but I don’t see anything in Johnson’s content, quotes or links that could be labelled hateful or whacked. It’s pretty straightforward right-leaning stuff about the middle east, similar to National Review or the Weekly Standard (of course, some people here no doubt would label those magazines hateful as well). Is the problem with LGF the commenters (some of which are hateful or whacked)? If so, shouldn’t Jewschool also be judged by its commenters (ditto)?

  3. Charles uses irony/humor the same way indymedia folks use it….always hinting at some conspiracy, tragedy being planned by a group of people against another group of people. Worse though, is that he bans certain people (usually those who are left leaning) and allows horrible anti-Arab sentiments to stand. And the site seems to be getting more and more extremem (visavis the comments). So I rarely visit anymore.
    Regarding Jewschool, we agree.
    Ah, monsieur J parle francais, oui?

  4. I didn’t notice any conspiracy-mongering at LGF, but I’ll look more closely. Concerning tragedies being planned, I’m not sure which you mean – I’m no conspiracy theorist, but as far as I’m concerned most Arab thought regarding Israel and terrorists regarding almost everyone is the planning of a tragedy.
    I haven’t seen the comments in a long time – too much quantity, not enough quality – so I haven’t seen the pattern. Is the banning policy a deliberate attempt to stifle debate, or a reaction against spammers? (I’m asking, not implying.)
    No French for me (seriously, even if I spoke French, could someone of my political leanings admit it in public?), just a little Latin by way of “Julius Caesar”. I’m so old-fashioned, I still consider the Western European languages to be vulgar.

  5. Thanks Dan. The fact that you even considered me is an honor. Seriously. Although I admit, my comment “Regarding Jewschool, we agree” was wrongly stated. I should’ve said: “Some of the commenters are as repulsive as the one’s on LGF”. Anyhoo, I still feel your blog is the best Jewish blog around.

  6. J — I was referring to the commenters. Every time I go there, it seems to me, and scroll through the comments, I see a bunch of posts about how we should threaten to or actually nuke Mecca, how Islam is really worship of a moon god, or some other such thing that makes me sick and feel like not posting. Contrary to what you or shtreimel thinks, I don’t think we have left-wing equivalents of that kind of hate on Jewschool.

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