Join Me @ Elat Chayyim/Isabella Freedman This Summer!

I’ve just been accepted to Elat Chayyim‘s Neshama Internship. That means I’ll be out at Isabella Freedman from the end of May through August. W00t!
If you want to spend the summer with me and an awesome group of other folks out in the woods, taking exciting classes (PDF) with inspiring rabbis and Jewish educators, and developing your skills in conscious community building, I recommend applying for the internship as well:
“This three-month program incorporates in-depth spiritual practice, service to the retreat center, and a loving and inclusive community in which participants can experience a deeper depth of spiritual connection to Jewish tradition. In exchange for working for the center, participants take courses during the Elat Chayyim and Senior Adult Camp summer program, learn to build community, and study with leading Jewish spiritual teachers.
“Interns generally range in age from 20s to 60s. They come from all over the world and from diverse backgrounds with different levels of Jewish education and practice. It is important that interested applicants are familiar and comfortable with Isabella Freedman’s practices of gender equality, willing and able to work hard and to see work itself as a spiritual practice, and have a desire to create a respectful and caring community among interns and other staff.”

One thought on “Join Me @ Elat Chayyim/Isabella Freedman This Summer!

  1. Okay, what’s really fabulous about this? is that I’ll be at Elat Chayyim for a week in August, which means we actually get to meet in person.

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