10 thoughts on “Jooglebomb in The Charleston Post & Courier

  1. That doesn’t surprise me. I lived in Charleston for almost 2 years. The city was founded by jews and they (the city residents) are very proud of that. The chief of police is even jewish (or was, he may have retired. He was extremely friendly…). I think the reason why the Jew Watch guy spoke to them was that it was a southern paper so “they understand that the jews control everything more than a damn yankee”. The people of Charleston don’t stand for that anti-semitic BS.

  2. > Jew Watch’s archives include the allegation that Jews are living out > “The Protocols of The Elders of Zion,” an anti-semitic document
    > Jewish scholars label a forgery.
    Ummm, isn’t that pretty much confirmed?

  3. I just heard about this thing. I checked Google though, and the Jew Watch place is now #4. Is it still worth putting a link up to the Wikipedia article on my site?
    Honestly, I think idiots like this Weltner asshole are as good an advertisement of the stupidity of anti-Semitism as any educational campaign. Also, not surprisingly, Weltner is a German last name. Strange how we Jews are criticized for “putting our interests first,” when the whole basis of Weltner and other German anti-Semites like Ernst Zundel is to reclaim the honour of their own country, and has nothing to do with “loyalty to America.”

  4. mo, you shouldn’t do any press on this thing. just keep googlebombing and spreading the word via your own networks.
    as with ‘the passion’ flick, any media ‘controversy’ over this whole google thing will just bring more attention to this jew watch nutcase and more hits to his site.
    i know it’s hard to resist press attention sometimes and you not talking doesn’t mean the reporters won’t still run their pieces, but i still think you need to make the decision to not be a part of this story (in public, at least). don’t help jew watch guy get any more attention than he’s already getting.

  5. Don’t help anti-semites get any more attention than they’re already getting?
    Is the Truth so weak against hate ?
    Huh, and all these years i thought it was.
    I never thought truth was so fragile a thing.

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