4 thoughts on “JTA on the Jooglebomb

  1. On last night’s Law and Order SVU, the plot followed a woman who was in a bunch of pain and wanted to kill herself but instead started a blog that turned into a web community with other people who wanted to die .. eventually she is prosecuted for assisted suicide.
    Law and Order is famous for dropping in random lines that “strike notes” with current events ..it always comes out sounding so silly. right at the end of the show last night there was this:
    detective fin: (about website) “gotta be some way to shut it down”
    detective benson: “maybe not, I just read about this website where they’re teaching young girls how to be anorexic and then hide it from their parents”
    detective stabler: “look there’s always going to be hate and racism on the internet. but what are you going to do about it? freedom of speech, man”

    It caught my attention because assisted suicide and anorexia have nothing to do with hate and racism. did you just get referenced on LAW AND ORDER? 🙂

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