5 thoughts on “JTV: All Jews All The Time

  1. I knew a guy who wanted to do this a while back. The biggest problem he had was finding investors who didn’t have an idea for a show they wanted made. What I’m wondering is where he’s going to find any Jewish actors, commedians, producers, etc.

  2. I understand all the criticism (btw, I don’t think you need a Jewish producer to produce a Jewish-themed show…)
    But couldn’t this be seen as a good thing? The article mentions several hours of serious news-style programming daily– that could be a way for Jews all around America (at least) to get tuned into issues that are important to world Jewry. It could help promote discourse amongst Jews, keep people informed about Israel and expose people to the richness and diversity of our people/faith/cultures… much like, say, JewSchool? (granted the non-interactivity of TV is a drag…)
    What would be sad is if it launched and catered only to certain Jews with certain cultural contexts (say, upper west side ashkenazim?)

  3. I agree, it’s all good. Especially since there’s nothing currently out there.
    JTN just does productions for PBS. There’s also Shalom TV. And there was a french channel.

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