11 thoughts on “Kabbalah Guru Suffers Massive Stroke

  1. now there is something interesting. I am sure all his students know ecxtly what to do to have this lifted from him, and be able to cure him through all the kabbalah they have learnt. suure

  2. He recently visited the Ari Mikvah in tzfat, huge amount of police it was a trip. Brought along Maddona’s husband. I guess he shouldnt have messed with the real thing. LA is for fakers, Tzfat on the other hand.. is the real mojo.
    Of course the lubavitcher rebbe also had a stroke, oh well, another theory blown out of the water.
    Anyone want to smoke a hookah?

  3. AVI:
    what do u mean by : ‘”Of course the lubavitcher rebbe also had a stroke, oh well, another theory blown out of the water. “

  4. I don’t think your snide remarks about an extremely spiritual person are respectful. Clearly, the problems facing Jews in today’s world is unfortunately other Jews.

  5. I mean, that I would love to say that Berg is being punished for exposing certain aspects of the torah to Non Jewish eyes, by having a stroke.
    But I cant apply that sort of logic, as much as I would wish to, because teh rebbe too suffered a stroke, and it was not I assume caused by anything that the Lubavicher rebbe did.
    So instead I will repress my knee jerk reaction to call Bergs stroke a punishment from god for his actions.

  6. AVI: ok, just one thing; when things happen to us we have to look at ourselves and ask why and what can i do to fix this. when things happen to others we have to, no matter what we think,pray for them, fo their sanity and so on and sometimes guide them. we cant ever look at someone else and say this is happening to you because….. -even if we can understand it in our own eyes, we can only apply the ‘why’ to our own selves not others…even when it may be so obvious. the point of it all is to reveal G-d and destroy all the ‘seperations’ in the world. we can only look at eachother and learn more, about ourselves and hopefully help others. ie: we cant hate the person but the deed. we have to see the potential and the inclination, we have to understand them and put them in their proper places

  7. Yup Yup, but wouldnt it be good to assume bergs stroke was a punishment? you know it would.

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