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Kaddish: a new Jewish podcast

For this week’s short, we spoke with Ariana Katz, creator of the Kaddish podcast, a show about death, mourning, and the people who do it. Ariana is a rabbinical student at Reconstructionist Rabbinical College and a member of Jewish Voice for Peace. We talked about “vocal fry, saying kaddish at demos, and the rise of the Lefty Jewish Media Conglomerate.”
If you enjoyed the interview, the first episode of Ariana’s podcast was released earlier this week, and you can listen here.
From the show’s description: Kaddish is a monthly podcast hosted by Student Rabbi Ariana Katz that focuses on mourning ritual and customs, features first person storytelling and interviews, uses Jewish tradition to contextualize and deepen themes of the show, and holds space at the intersection of life and death. Kaddish aims to build a network of listeners and friends that will contribute stories and research and build online community. Kaddish will do direct historical and cultural research, distributed in the podcast format. This show will include topics like mourning chosen family, reproductive loss, illness, ritual writing, suicide, queer and trans burial, tattoos and conversion status, state violence. Also guests talking about their specific interests and storytelling from folks about loss or grief or healing. There is a dearth of death education, and there is a romanticising, exoticizing, and sexualizing of death. Kaddish aims to stay in the muck, the complicated, unsexy, terrifying places, because those too are a part of grief.
This is the second instalment of our discussion with the creators of #Leftist #Jewish #Podcasts. Our first discussion was with the creators of Radio Free Babylonia, Michal Richardson and Mordecai Martin.
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