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  1. total seven fat cow rip off, but tamer. much love, appreciation for all the truth y’all are spreading out, but how boring can controversy be?
    Agunot? good lord, there’s nothing else happening worth talking about? asking for sources for pekuach nefesh exemptions? ask your local aish rabbi, or conservative scholar— isn’t there anything GENUINELY pot stirring to bring up? Or are there too many toes afraid to be stepped on?

  2. Although I’ve been bitching about this for years, finally xlubi gets a link in the new Kefirah blog on Jewschool. You know i could say thank you for the link (on Jewschool) and in a sense the recognition, but i’d rather tell them to F***CK oFF!!!
    Kefirah means heresy, but by putting all these bloggers into this new blog what you are doing is saying that they are NOT mainstream Judaism.
    I am mainstream Athentic Judaism, mainstream Authentic Judaism is not Kefirah,
    Zionism is Kefirah, Nationalism is Kefriah, Egobased Judaism is Kefirah.
    In my mind even shulchan aruch based Judaism is Kefirah.
    because in my mind that’s not what Judaism is about,
    What Judaism today has become is idolatrous, it has become what Abraham wanted to destroy, (full of supistition, rituals, missery, power stuggles,) when he first smashed the idols of his father.
    Would Abraham also be blogging in the Kefirah section of a Jewish site? – no way – tell it like it is father Abe,
    Smash those stupid idols – !
    What i’m saying my not be very clever, it may not be very well written, but there is something truthy about it.

  3. on retrospect, now soberer, it sounds awesome— a fine bunch of ruckus makers and world shakers, perfectly capable of matching or exceeding expectations. But where did the link go? I don’t wanna e-mail the articles anywhere, I just wanna read them!

  4. Max is talking about heresy like it’s a bad thing.
    The word heresy finds its roots in a Greek word, sometimes defined as “choice”.
    You should proudly be calling yourself a heretic, Mr. Max.

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