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Serbia Woos Jewish Population

Some of you might of innocently skimmed over the Mishegaas post a couple of weeks back where I linked to this post by Jer979 with the words “Unintentional antisemitism?”.
Jer writes,

When I lived in Asia, it was not uncommon for me to hear from Japanese and Indians (in particular) that the Jews “control the media and banks in America.”
In Japan, this is widely recognized as a good thing and there are guidebooks (written for Japanese) on how the Japanese can be more like the Jews.
Here is an ad from the government of Serbia in this week’s Washington Jewish Week. Initially, I couldn’t figure out why this ad was placed in this particular newspaper.
Then, one answer dawned on me…it’s possible that the Serbians think the same way. They must figure that “the Jews are powerful and control America, so if we advertise in their newspaper in Washington, DC and tell them how good we are and how things are getting better here, it will be good for us.”
Kind of like a Borat without the movie.

Wild huh? Well how wild is this — Serbia just took out an ad on Jewschool via Blogads. What’s up with that?!


Attention Serbia:
Appreciate as we do your advertising, methinks you’re targeting the wrong segment of the Jewish population.
You should try advertising to Jews who have money.
With love,

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