Kosher Web Sites

First there was kosher meat. Then there was kosher cheese. Kosher pickles are also big in the markets. And did you remember to get that kosher soap the last time you went to market?

Well now there’s a free kosher search engine, Koogle, self defined as a “parody…[that]..is in no way affiliated with the fine folks at Google. Nevertheless, Koogle is a real & effective Index/search engine targeted for the Jewish & Israeli community on the web.”

And for Kosher content filtering, you can check out safelines.net, formerly “Koshernet,” which I came across in a book about the laws of passover, in the alphabetical index under “I” for “internet.” Offering both a Business Version and a Family Version, the claim that it is, “it’s everything you could possibly want, minus everything you don’t.” They also offer many Jewish links from their main page. Their service is $21.95 per month.

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