Ever notice that Jews love spinning their music festival names off Lollapalooza. Slightly ironic, cause Lollapalooza was supposed to be the bastion for Alternative music, and Jewish festivals tend to be, well, musically conservative. Anyway, Lag*B*Omer*Palooza is being organized by Chabad of Yeshiva University and features an all-star (well, for Jewish music) group of bands: Raya Mehemna, Piamenta, and new-comers Ta-Shma. The date is, obviously, Lag B’Omer. Flyer after the jump.


9 thoughts on “Lag*B*Omer*Palooza

  1. a certain amount of washington heights boosterism is forcing me to consider attending this, despite the obvious MO cultural slant. one question mordy– will it be byom? (bring your own mechitza?)

  2. velo tavi toeva el beitecha, vehayita cherem kamohu. Shaqez teshaqezent, vetaev tetaavenu, ki cherem hu.
    Music might be nice – music by the idol worshipers in Chabad, and in YU no less – is a disgrace.

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