Leftist Love for Fellow Jews

The most troubling aspect of Israeli society today is the apparent inability of the liberal left to accept the existence and growth of a Jewish religious community within the state. There can be no doubt anymore that Jewish-Israeli society today is in the midst of a cultural war (the outcome of which will determine the character of the state of Israel for years to come). Consider the following statements made by the leading figures of the “enlightened liberal left”:

  1. Prof. Uzi Arnon; “We have to hang the Orthodox from every lightpole.” (Chadashot 30.10.92)
  2. Uri Avneri; “The time has come to bury them.” (HaOlam HaZe 10.11.88)
  3. Arnon Yekutieli; “There will yet be dead in this war” (Bar-Ilan St. 30.12.94 Kol HaIr)
  4. Prof. Uzi Arnon; “We must impatiently await the youth…that will fight the real enemy of the state of Israel. (Al Hamishmar 20.1.84)
  5. Shimon Peres; “We’re fighting 2 wars-a war for peace and a war against the religious. The war for peace is more important.” (Interview with “Kol Israel” Radio 13.5.93).
  6. Shulamit Aloni; “We’re in the midst of a war with Orthodox Judaism: We must not make any compromises.” (16.6.93 party meeting in Ramat Gan)
  7. Yigal Tamarkin; “When I see the Orthodox, I understand the Nazis.” (“Tel Aviv” 1986)
  8. MK Naomi Chazan (Meretz); “Only if we’ll succeed in getting rid of this evil, this black satan, only then will we be able to develop all the good of this country.” (Chadashot 30.12.92)
  9. Prof. Ginsburg; “Orthodox are the parasites on the body of our state.” (“Kol HaIr” 3.1.92)
  10. Shulamit Aloni; “You [Orthodox] sit on us as parasites, drink our blood and spill our blood” (in Knesset 3.7.91)
  11. Meretz election flyer; “There must be a fighting, secular free group that will stand against the spread of the Orthodox block.”
  12. Shulamit Aloni; “The Orthodox is darkness, rotten…the only language they understand is violence.” (Knesset 16.6.86)
  13. Prof. Zev Sternal; “Only when one is prepared to go with tanks against Ofra [Jewish settlement in Samaria], will we be able to block the fascist tide that threatens to drown Israeli democracy. In my opinion there are worse disasters than civil war, such as the destruction of democratic culture. A society can come out better for a civil war.” (Davar 15.4.86)

How come leftist love flows for everyone except the Orthodox? Find out why.

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