Let Justice Flow Like Killer Waves

AP reports,

Dorian Paskowitz, a retired doctor who has been surfing for 75 years, donated 12 surfboards to Gaza’s small surfing community on Tuesday in a novel gesture to promote peace between Israelis and Palestinians.
“God will surf with the devil if the waves are good,” Paskowitz said. “When a surfer sees another surfer with a board, he can’t help but say something that brings them together.”…
He said he was inspired after reading a story about two Gaza surfers who could not enjoy the wild waves off the coastal strip because they had only one board to share between them.
So I said to my son ‘come, we’ll go to Israel and get them some boards,'” Paskowitz told AP Television News.

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4 thoughts on “Let Justice Flow Like Killer Waves

  1. This is great. Thanks for sharing.
    I just got back from hawaii and it’s been hard to re-adjusting to life in LA. But the story reminds me it’s all actions; we have the beach too and can try to relax a little more and get that Shalom things going here!
    (Like my link, USC Free Culture will hopefully partner up with Hillel and do more public actions in Skid Row).

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