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Of Church (and synagogue) and Steak — Faith-based farming in NY Times

photo by Phil Mansfield for the New York TimesToday’s New York Times included a great article by Joan Nathan: Of Church and Steak: Farming for the Soul. Joan writes about the work being done across the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths to encourage sustainable agriculture, CSAs, responsible meat consumption and stewardship of the land within these faith communities.The article is a who’s who of the faith and farming world and includes a shout out to Hazon for the Tuv Ha’Aretz Community-Supported Agriculture program and also The Jew & The Carrot as the front page of the emerging Jewish food movement. She writes:
“Environment-minded Jews are asking the leaders of Conservative Judaism to rewrite their kosher certification rules to incorporate ethical concerns about workers, animals and the land. Hazon, the Jewish environmental organization, has set up community-supported agriculture programs, or C.S.A.’s, in which customers purchase shares of a farm’s harvest…”
and later
“Many of the ideas in the faith-based agriculture movement were expressed 30 years ago by advocates of eco-kashrut, a Jewish environmental consciousness movement. Jewish groups like Kosher Conscience in New York and blogs like the Jew & the Carrot (, which is sponsored by Hazon, are still in the forefront.”
Though not a farmer, Ms. Nathan is a pioneer of Jewish food in her own right. Her award-winning cookbooks include: Jewish Cooking in America, The Jewish Holiday Baker, Joan Nathan’s Jewish Holiday Cookbook, and The Foods of Israel Today. The Jew & The Carrot will feature an exclusive interview with Ms. Nathan just before Rosh Hashana.
Read the full NY Times article here. X-posted from The Jew & The Carrot.

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