11 thoughts on “Let us never stop praising Yahweh, our master

  1. hate to say it seems no different than some of those youtube clips from the funky dancing at jewish weddings

  2. The funny thing is – she’s probably more truely ‘jewish’ than many many so-called halachic jews.
    – Just think about the Mishnah Pirkay Avos/Ethics of OurFathers (1:15) ‘…recieve all people with Simcha’ and ‘Happy art thou, O Israel’ (Deut. 33:29)
    i could go on – in short Judaism is about being happy – everything else is a comentary –

  3. Yeah, I’m sorry, but the office chair is messing up the entire moment, at least for me. What a hoot.
    Is this from a show called “Universe of Yahweh, or something to the effect? I passed it the other day while flipping through stations. Well, now I have to go look in Google.
    I love the Internets …

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