Limmud Across NY

For our spring event this year, Limmud NY is trying something a little different, which we’re calling Limmud Across NY. All day on Sunday, April 25, in Brooklyn, Downtown Manhattan, Long Island, New Jersey, Queens, Riverdale, the Upper East Side and the Upper West Side several different mini-Limmud NY events are taking place in the homes of Limmud NY volunteers.
Limmud Across NY is a full day of simultaneous intimate learning sessions throughout the NYC metropolitan area. Individuals will be opening their homes and hosting you in celebration of Jewish life, learning and our community.
There is something for everyone, in every neck of the woods, at every price range, for ever interest.
In Park Slope, you can have brunch while you listen to Joel Chasnoff’s comedy and a reading from his new book. On the UWS later that afternoon, participate in a kosher artisan cheese tasting. That evening, learn about murder, thieves and prostitutes in the Bible with David Kalb. Or go to an event on Jewish learning through Jewish music with Natasha J. Hirschorn in Riverdale.
There will be morning brunch events, afternoon events (including family events), evening events and evening dinner events.
Can’t make it to anything on April 25th? As a part of Limmud Across NY, we’ve even got iLimmud, a virtual session you can watch from home at any time.
Check out the full list of presenters here and register here.

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