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Rise of the Khipster

TWJ posted a link on Twitter to this article involving a collaboration between hipsters and Hasids.  Aside from the rather fascinating story, it got me thinking about what a combination of hipsters and Hasids would look like.  Thus we bring you the Khipster:  Ironic thick-rimmed sunglasses mingle cleverly with long peyes.  An unshaven beard morphs smoothly into a waxed handlebar moustache.  Untucked white button-down shirt, tzitzit hanging down, almost brushing the tops of bright green Converse.  Truly, the khipster is the most fearsome creature ever to roam this earth.
Other ideas about this most alarming of combinations are certainly welcome (and if anyone’s good with Photoshop, go to town).

5 thoughts on “Rise of the Khipster

  1. This reminded me:
    In my hometown in San Jose, California, when I was 15, I’d see around town this Punk Hasid girl. Long black coat, shaved head combined with five inch long peyos, and an Anarchist Circle-A kippah (apparently homemade), went well with her Doc Martens and Red Suspenders. She was instantly my hero.
    I never knew if she was actually observant or if she just liked the look, but it reshaped my idea of what Punk/Hardcore–the ethic, not just the music–could be.

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