Limmud Comes to Boston

I’ve been hearing about Limmud events for years. When I first became a professional Jewish educator, I lamented my inability to travel to the UK (thanks to my Jewish educator salary) for what seemed (from afar) a unique and incredible experience. A pluarlistic, Jewish-educational event with no agenda other than coming together to learn from everyone (which, let’s not forget, is how one becomes wise) sounded too good to be true. Limmud has since gone international, but as someone whose primary work day is Sunday, it’s hard to get away for weekend conferences.
Well, a year from today, Limmud comes to Boston, practically walking-distance from my house. In my dream version of the future, I’ll bring hundreds of my students to the event. But if that’s not doable, at the very least I will be there.
You can be there too – and if you’re in the Boston area, you can help make it happen. There’s a planning meeting happening at Hebrew College on Thursday, November 5, 2009 at 7:00 pm, open to anyone who’s interested in making this volunteer-driven event happen. Check it out!

3 thoughts on “Limmud Comes to Boston

  1. Word! Limmud happens all over the place. The original Limmud is Limmud UK, which draws 2,000+ Jews every year. In the US, the two largest are Limmud NY and Limmud LA. Now in North America there is Limmud NY, LA, Philly, Chicago, Toronto, Atlanta+SE, New Orleans, Boston, and Colorado.
    There also several European Limmuds in France, Germany, all over the FSU and even Sweden. There’s also Limmud OZ, in Australia, the second oldest Limmud. South Africa is in on it too. There’s also a couple in South America as well. We’re all only very loosely affiliated. Basically, Limmud UK will send people to you to help you get off the ground, but once you’ve got the idea down, it becomes a totally locally- and volunteer-run thing.

  2. I was privileged to visit the Boston community in January and was so impressed. I’ve been a Limmud UK regular for years and have no doubt it will fit straight into Boston. Good. Luck

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