Remix your Judaism! – Limmud NY

I don’t what you’re doing over MLK weekend, but I’m gonna be at Limmud NY at a hotel in the Catskills with 700 Jews from every age bracket and every Jewish background imaginable–in short, I’ll be hanging out in the most diverse Jewish community I’ve ever heard of.
We’ll be eating, singing, learning, teaching, and just plain hanging out. On Friday night, we’ll choose from 10 different services in a variety of styles of observance and music. From Friday January 15-Monday January 18 we’ll be learning from some of the most engaging teachers we could dig up and many of us will be doing some teaching of our own.
Some of this year’s most exciting presenters include Adin Steinsaltz (yes, that Adin Steinsaltz), Sara Hurwitz (head of Yeshivat Maharat), Joel Chassnof (hysterical comedian), JT Waldman (creator of the comic book of Megilat Esther and developer of the JPS Tagged Tanach, and many, many more. You could become one of them by volunteering to present or teach or perform or do what ever it is you happen to do!
Limmud NY is where I met my first Jewschoolers and where I first got keyed into the idea that I might be able to live a Jewish life independent of large institutions and the “official” Jews. It is truly the most eye-opening event I’ve ever been to.
You can register here. If you’re from the NY area, you can register for a scholarship, but the deadline for guaranteed scholarships is Monday.
Hope to see you there! Shabbat Shalom.

9 thoughts on “Remix your Judaism! – Limmud NY

  1. Here’s to hoping that someone does a new (full) printing of the English version Steinsaltz Talmud. Bavli first, please! Artscroll is good, but the few Steinsaltz books I have are far superior. I should email Kehot to look into it.
    I don’t know if you’ll be attending his session, DAMW, but I’d be very interested in a summary. I’m reading The Thirteen Petaled Rose now. The man is an absolute treasure.

    1. The English Steinsaltz is nowhere close to complete — they only did a few masechtot and then called it quits (perhaps due to Artscroll’s popularity).

  2. BZ, that I know, but I’ve never really understood why. The publisher is Random House. I don’t know how long Random House bought the printing rights for. Most of the English Bavli is complete, right? Why did they stop the printing? I thought he was just a few books short, but there are only a few volumes in print, and the last printing was 20+ years ago.
    Artscroll is good, like I said, but Steinsaltz just has such a different flavor to it. It reads in a very different style, which I prefer, from what I’ve seen.

  3. Whether it’s finished or not, I imagine I’ll be at his sessions.
    One of the great things about Limmud, by the way, is that folks like Steinsaltz mill about in the hotel lobby with the rest of us, drinking coffee and shmoozing. You can chat up any presenter you want, no matter how inaccessible they’d be in regular life.

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