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Lisa E. Goldberg, z"l

Lisa Goldberg, president of the Charles H. Revson Foundation, passed away last night at the age of 54, after suffering a brain aneurism.
I met Lisa when I was contacted by her assistants to potentially consult on various web-based projects for the foundation. Lisa was impressed with my work, particularly on Jew It Yourself, but saw me as a long-shot funding candidate because of my penchant for incendiary politics and Internet drama. However, rather than pushing me out the door, like most funders, she took an active interest in my projects and offered me work, presenting me with an unparalleled opportunity to prove myself, to clean up my image and to make Matzat more known and attractive to the funding establishment. “Help me fund you,” she said, inviting me to a seat at the table.
Lisa was a rare bird, for that. She was the type of Jewish professional folks like me dream of. She believed in me and my vision and wanted to see it grow, even if she couldn’t be the one to fund it.
For that simple act of faith, I thank her and mourn the loss of great Jewish soul: One willing to take a chance on a nut like me, and who in doing so, gave me strength and confidence to persevere in my work when so much seemed in doubt.
Thank you Lisa. And goodbye.

One thought on “Lisa E. Goldberg, z"l

  1. There are brief obits in the NYTimes and NY Sun. JTA also has a bit, which mentions that she was responsible for the advent of Rehov Sumsum (Hebrew Sesame Street), which I loved to watch when I spent summers with my grandparents in Jerusalem as a kid. Very sad that she’s gone.

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