Little Lamb, you ain't no Michelle

These two little biatches are getting way too much publicity, so why make another blog post about them? To educate the masses to ignore the hype. – They seem to be the unfotunate product of the nurturing of their Nazi bastard father who raised them with a culture of hate masked in white pride. And for the love of Mike, someone please tell the media hounds to quit the asinine Olsen analogies, it is an insult and an absolute blasphemy to all that Mary Kate and Ashley have meant to us for many years.

26 thoughts on “Little Lamb, you ain't no Michelle

  1. White pride by itself is still disturbing, seeing as how whites are in no way an oppressed minority. Like “straight (heterosexual) pride,” it’s inherently a backlash against a minority group’s attempts to gain justice/civil rights. … Anyway, it’s sad that some Americans still teach their kids such xenophobic, hateful ideas.

  2. Arbit and flurry,
    There is a difference between “pride” and “hate.” I, for one, certainly have no problem with the former. I have met plenty of “whites” who are proud to be “WASPS” or “French” or whatever. And guess what? We’re still friends.
    The myth in some circles that everyone is allowed to have pride except whites is a gross exaggeration.

  3. But I think the term “white pride” is mostly associated with White Supremacy, which is connected to various Neo-Nazi, “Christian Identity,” etc., hate groups. It seems like a different thing to be proud of being “white” (kind of a generic concept) than to be proud of an ethnic or cultural heritage (French, Irish, Jewish, Protestant, whatever).

  4. Aaah, just wait a coupla years, when teen rebellion hits. Then they are going to horrify mum by bringing home some “ethnics.”

  5. Race pride is wonderful thing. Africans are proud of being Black regardless of their particular culture or civilization. Chinese are proud of being Chinese regardless whether they are racial Chinese or cultural Chinese. Japanese are proud of being Japanese whether or not they have any common cultural beliefes or upbringing. Indians are proud of being Indian. Native Americans are proud of being Native American.
    And whites are proud of being white, and are particularly proud of their accomplishments and contributions to the world, which, IMHO surpass all the others. You see, God selected white folk not because we are better than all other, but to place a special burden on the white race to bring enlightenment to the rest of the world. You see, God wants white people to bring light unto all the nations of the earth. And that’s not supremacy, now is it? And when you look at what white people have brought to all the nations it truly is astounding!
    Anyway, I must have missed somehing. Could someone tell me where to find those two little girls saying hateful things? I mean, its not like they disowned their brother, buried an empty coffin, rent their clothes, ululated, and sat shiva when he married someone of a different race or anything, is it? The girls, as best I can figure out are just concerned about the “demographic problem” and “assimilation”. And that’s not bad, is it? Can I hear an amen, Eliot Abrams? Azure? I mean, if white folks stopped breeding with Jews for any reason, wouldn’t Jews breathe a sigh of relief? Wouldn’t that solve the Jewish “demographic problem” and “assimilation” problem in the USA?
    These girls don’t seem to hate anyone, they just think the first question for white folks in any analysis of politics, religon and culture should be, “Is it good for Whites,” that’s all. And surely that kind of race consciousness isn’t evil is it? Didn’t Jews ask themselves ” is it good for the Jews” for many, many years? Don’t many still do that?
    Of course if one believes in race guilt, like blaming today’s Jews for killing Jesus, or blaming today’s Germans for the Holocaust, or blaming today’s white Christians for pogroms hundreds of years ago, or blaming todays Poles for Chmielnicki then I guess one probably would blame the girls for everything white folks have ever done and they should atone for their share of race sins. But don’t Jews believe that individuals should not be held collectively guilty for what their forbearers have done?
    Regarding their clothes, it may help to ease your anxiety to think of the happy face Hitler T-shirts as hip “transgressive art”. Sort of like your New York City “Piss Christ” art exhibit. You know, the one with the crucifix soaking in urine?
    I figure the girls just want a race and a homeland of their own to be proud of, sort of like Israel for the Jews and Africa for Blacks (now that whites are being purged from the continent, country by country). Black Price, Jewish Pride, White Pride, its all cool! Everyone has their own people and everyone has their own homeland. Can I get an amen on that, Brother Herzl?

  6. “Rudolph Hess, man of Peace. He wouldn’t give up and he wouldn’t cease, to give his loyalty to our Cause. Remember him and give a pause.
    Robert Matthews knew the Truth. He knew what he had to do. He set an example with Courage so bold. We’ll never let that fire grow cold.
    Dr Pierce, a man so wise, helped so many of us open our eyes, and see the future for what it could be: a future for our Race’s eternity.” -Prussian Blue, on their song Sacrifice
    Hmmm, Big Bill, let’s see:
    praising a man instrumental in the genocide of Jews during the Holocaust, praising another man who went on a murderous armed robbery spree in order to finance his group’s holy against Jews and the United States of America, and praising a white supremacist who lead one of the most anti-semitic groups in American history . . .
    You’re not going to catch this pair of white trash calling for the death of Jews and others, but they’ll praise the people who do. Hateful? You bet.

  7. Much like the “librul assault on Christmas” panic we’ll be hearing again not long past Halloween, “White pride” is the same old resentment over others’ refusal to assimilate “white ways.” No one is taking their Christmas carols away from them, but it is somehow censorship and oppression if we all would rather not sing along. And as we stubbornly refuse to put mayo on our corned beef sandwiches, we attack white pride. It’s just all that mean and stupid.

  8. If they weren’t underage, I’d say the best revenge would be to post fake photos, all over the Internet, of them taking it up the ass from a kipa-wearing Jew and a black.

  9. In the real world, “White Pride” is a marketing device for white supremacists. I’ve met people who claim to espouse it – coincidentally, they’re also Nazi apologists, crypto-racists, holocaust deniers, resistors of “ZOG.” Nice pseudo-intellectual essay on the subject, Bill, but if you’ve truly had contact with these people, you know you’re full of shit.

  10. hey, what’s ZOG?
    anywhoo uh, these “girls” aren’t human. they’re nazis. they’re gonna take off their pretty girl masks and reveal a big bug head one day. and we’ll all have a little chuckle.
    well i’m all about not being racist which would include letting white people be happy that they’re white, but i don’t know this whole thing reminds me of linda lovelace in inside deep throat.
    bad comparison maybe but, she’s all talking about how she thinks the porn industry was great and censorship was bad -in the seventies when she was drugged up and stupid.
    then she grows up a little and decides that she was tortured and raped the whole frigging time.
    so i’m saying i feel bad for these little girls because maybe, just maybe they won’t take off the bug heads, and they’ll grow real ones and then we’ll have to listen to them cry about how sorry they are and how hurt that they were misled by abusive and/or neglectful parental units. i won’t mind that actually.
    thank you. a racial optimist

  11. If they really love being white so much, then why don’t they start putting cardamom on their toast and cross-country ski across Norway? What gets me about people who love their “white” heritage is that they don’t actually know or care about their heritage at all. It could be argued that I have more “white pride” than them, seeing as I was raised in Minnesota, my family are members of the Sons of Norway and have participated in their cross-country ski events, my favorite American Girl doll as a child was Kirsten, and I made a point of wearing the all-wool Scandanavian sweater from her collection (which my parents gave me for Hanukkah) whenever possible. We even had a Saint Lucia-themed Hannukah party once just because Sweden rocks that hard. In high school when we studied Greek mythology for the billionth time, I made myself unpopular with my classmates by pushing for Norse mythology to be included in the curriculum (the title of the class was “Literary Allusions” and Norse mythology is certainly much-alluded to.) And I am right now posting this message from Germany, where I am pursuing a German Studies major. I am rocking “White” (Northern European) culture so hard, they should be jealous.
    I think Denmark’s actions during WWII should be a lesson to all White Pride fans: REAL Whites love Jews!

  12. Judaism is perhaps better described as a “culture of hate” masked in “pride”. Just look at your posts: white pride is “disturbing”, “mostly associated with White Supremacy”, the little girls “aren’t human”, and if they weren’t under age they should be attacked with fake photoes of them “taking it up the ass from a Kipa-wearing Jew and a black”.
    You are such a charming people. No wonder you remain as popular as ever.

  13. As Judaism is perhaps the world’s most virulent racial supremist organization, any of you that have criticized these girls without having renounced Judaism are rank hypocrites.
    You would have these girls assimilate in order to destroy their sense of European racial identity and culture, while you do everything you can to prevent assimilation and out-marriage among Jews. Hypocrites!

  14. man, have you guys even heard their songs… laughing my pants off. it is pathetic, unless you think that michael bolton rocks, in that case you will propbably want to listen to this cd. Especially the “use only 1 string!” guitar solo on i will bleed for you is wonderfull. but maybe im a bit harsh here.. i mean they’re cute right? so i should give them some crack…slack i meant slack!!!
    ok so on the upside…there are no accidental farts audible on the recording… but if you like britney spears demo tapes from when she was 6 that accidentally winded up in the microwave you’ll absolutely wanna buy this record.
    check out their website, you can buy authenitc bavarian lederhosen. kinky!

  15. I’m only 11 & I trully believe this is wrong! why would any mother teach their kids hate? I heard about them about two days ago, & I became interested not because I’m not a Nazi but because I believe we are all humans & God loves us all the same and its just wrong what these two girls do. I feel sorry for them because they don’t know what is like to be human and have love fo everyone. Yes be proud to be white or whatever you are be proud why not just dont hate! it’s wrong we should just learn to get along. By the way I’m Hispanic and Catholic but I respect and love everyone because I believe in GOD.

  16. Wait a second. Everyone is out of context here. The whole white pride thing is stupid for one simple reason: there is no “white culture”. I myself am Norse and very proud of it, and I would not like to group my culture with that of the portuguese or the scots anymore than with the jews. I mean, there is no white pride because there is no white culture. There is norse culture, danish culture, irish culture, hell even european culture, but “white”? that is just stupid. Im all for everyone having pride in their ancestors, but to say your ancestors were “white” just proves you know nothing about them. Say they were celtic or norse and its great. Say they were white, and I’ll just think you are ignorant.

  17. This is a message to all the jews out there, dont let these A**holes fool you into thinking all whites are like this i am white and live without racial bias and hope that other races dont take a few of the troublesome ones like these little girls as a represenitive of thier nationality and ethniticity. I for one am also disgusted at these little girls and hate them just as much as you would.

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