4 thoughts on “"That's Funny, You Don't Look Like An Exploiter."

  1. very interesting piece and well written too
    i have heard that accusation before (about jews in the music industry) but specifically related to motown music… does anyone have any information or insights on this issus? reading material? thanks.

  2. Sam, what have you heard about Motown?! From what little I know, Motown was the first (and perhaps is still the only) black-owned major label, founded by Berry Gordy. Now the MOVIE industry, okay… 😉
    Because this piece is comedy, somewhat, it’s hard to know what to take seriously, but I really liked the line toward the end, “Like most racial profiling, it began with a strong sexual attraction.” Funny stuff! Thanks EV.
    PS – the “Spamblock!” word that I have to type in below is “Palestinian.” This can’t be totally randomly generated…

  3. Would he have been a Nazi if he said “white people” exploited the black bluesmen and not “Jews”?
    And (assuming some white Jews DID exploit black bluesmen) why would one statement be better than the other?
    Most certainly all white people (including many, many Jews) did not exploit black bluesmen, and most certainly all Jews did not exploit them either.
    Or do I miss the point? Does “white people” really mean “white gentiles”?

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