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  1. JB
    I am new to this site and no one understands me yet.
    Hopefully, in time, my words wil fall in to some form of sensible structure and their meaning become more than just the ramblings of a mindless idiot. You, however, don’t even seem to be trying! I feel your frustration! I am not your brother.
    I have a collection of links that I am happy to share, I have no idea of their worth or political bias as none will talk to me yet BUT you are welcome to them:
    Brother – Ofer Golany*
    We sit on both sides of the very same table
    We lay on both sides of the very same bed
    And I can see when you are crying
    And you can see when I turn my head
    We look each night at the very same north star
    We live on both sides of the very same fence
    We hear the answers in the wind blowing
    Our onions grow from the very same rain
    And yes I’ve been taught that you are a killer
    About me you have been taught the same
    It’s just to keep me from seeing you brother
    To keep us from seeing through this lying game
    So come I’ll walk with you to the sunrise
    So come and help me in singing this song
    There’s just one Earth beneath all these countries
    I promise you the time won’t be long
    I promise you the time won’t be long
    *I would like an evaluation of these lyrics.

  2. –Translated from an article by Osnat Shustak, Ma’ariv 21/7/2004 –
    Second Lieutenant T. a 28-year battalion doctor and regular officer, refused to join his armoured battalion in an incursion into the Gaza Strip – for reasons of conscience. Several weeks ago, battalion 82 of
    the Seventh Regiment was sent on operation at the town of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, aimed at preventing the launch of Quasam rockets at the
    [Israeli town of] Sderot.
    T. had previously served in the Territories, and even took part this May in “Operation Rainbow” [including the demolition of houses and the shooting of tank shells at unarmed demonstrators] at the town of Rafah – though
    already then he expressed reservations about the army’s activities in the Gaza Strip. This time he refused to take part in the operation, stating that taking part in the army’s actions in the Territories would contradict the hippocratic oath he swore as a doctor, as well as
    standing in contrast to the army’s own declared values and being detrimental to the state security. Many efforts were made to convince him to recant, but T.
    stuck to his refusal. Of no avail were the exhortations of his commanding officers, who stated that his job would be to take care of Palestinians as well as fellow soldiers, and that by refusing to join the operation he is
    putting soldiers’ lives in danger. Finding him insistent, T.’s direct commander passed him on to the Seventh Regiment commander, who sentenced T. to
    35 days’ imprisonment for refusing an order during a military operation. He also told T.: “You are not worthy to be an officer”. It seems that upon being released from his prison term T. will be discharged from
    service – though the army had paid for his medical studies in the expectation of getting years of service in return.
    “I regard this very gravely” said Defence Minister Mofaz on ArmyRadio.”There are two highly detrimental aspects to this officer’s actions.First, he refused to take part in an action very vital to the security of Israel’s citizens, in order to prevent the shooting of rockets at Sderot and its environs. Also, this officer who is a doctor was
    unwilling to help soldiers who might be hurt, which is trampling upon the hippocratic oath. I think that the way his commanders dealt with this case is the
    way to deal with refusers.”
    On the other hand, David Zonshein of the “Courage to
    Refuse” movement praised the doctor’s action: “It is not ‘an extremist act’, it is a very Zionist act. It is important for the public to know that there are
    officers who want to serve and love their country, but are opposed to the enormous damage which service in the country is doing to the country.
    This is the first time that a regular service officer is refusing service in the Territories. I hope and believe that his act has broken a fissure in the consensus and that more officers will now be willing to act for what
    they believe in – even if they have to pay a personal price”.
    [N.B. Ma’ariv did not mention to its readers that the Beit Hanoun operation in which Dr. T refused to take part was about a still ongoing campaign of destruction of Palestinian fields, hothouses and orange groves,
    demolition of houses and the imposition of a weeks-long siege on Beit Hanoun’s 20,000 inhabitants.]
    I would like to know how valid this information is and whether all angles have been covered, opposing views also of interest. Alternatively talk on the Punjabi Rapper will do.

  3. No comments???
    Interesting, I know for a fact that this post has at least some contemporary worth. I would also like to discuss The Church of the Anunciation(Israel) and disputes over ownership, however, I do not want to raise the topic as an issue or anything – how would I go about this?
    Still baffled by my treatment, Mas.

  4. mas — please try to stick to the topic in the threads following posts. if you’d like to recommend an article for posting to the site to discuss this topic, e-mail [email protected].

  5. Velvel
    What an active imagination you have, please try to stick to
    the topic in the threads following post:)

  6. hey ppl?
    wat a syt lolzzzzzzzzzz
    so i see u ppl dont lyk bin laden, saddam and not forgettin da soljaz hamas an islamic jihad……………… dey ma home boizzzzzzzzz.

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