9 thoughts on “Shyne Goes Shomer Shabbos

  1. According to a criminologist who I have worked with, Madonna is “a very bad woman”, which makes me wonder why that should be.

  2. According to the article, his great-grandmother was an Ethiopian Jew– so it may be more of a “return” than a conversion per se.

  3. Good, we need more color in the Jewish blood line. That prison thing might make it hard finding a nice girl, but, you know, he’s got a job and he he could always become a doctor 😉
    Maybe he can work it into one of his raps. A Hiphop version of “I don’t roll on Shabbos!”

  4. top Jewish MC’s of all time
    1. Serch
    2. Shyne (tenative)
    3. Goretex (Nonphixion)
    4. Necro
    5. Ill Bill (Nonphixion)
    6. Black Attack (Missing Lynx)
    7. Aesop Rock
    8. Yeshua (Siah and Yeshua)
    below the mendoza line: Blood of Abraham, Paul Barman, Remedy, Hot Karl etc.

  5. An elaboration: in the current issue of VIBE they interview Shyne. He talks about God a lot in nondescript ways. Towards the end they ask him about whether he’s become more spiritual in jail. He said he went through many ways of viewing the “Most High”, from Islam to Christianity, but that “what the Hebrews are saying makes the most sense because there’s nothing besides you and God.”
    I wouldn’t say that, exactly, but hey, it’s somethin else to throw in there..

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