15 thoughts on “Looking for an internship this summer?

  1. I’m always surprised that progressives who demand higher minimum wages have no problem with unpaid or near-unpaid internships.

  2. Dave, the higher minimum wage is for people who need jobs to survive. As a middle class college student with financially supportive parents, I don’t need to work to survive. But a little extra cash flow and extra on-the-job experience in a related field is always welcome.
    I am, however, opposed to free internships. I’ve been working for Jewish non-profits almost non-stop since I was like 14 so I consider myself a professional, despite my lack of a BA just yet.
    I just checked out this internship, which does have an hourly wage.

  3. and on the flipside, as an expectant father nearing the end of a very long and expensive graduate school experience, I am currently working an unpaid internship. Not because I don’t need the money, oh how I sorely need the money, but because I believe in the organization and their mission. Sometimes we make personal sacrifices for the greater good and trust that the universe will provide for us.

  4. Legally speaking, from what I understand, unpaid internships are illegal, which is why you will often find organizations stating that they can only hire interns who will receive college credit for their work (which counts as a different kind of compensation).

  5. The Hamburglar, for one. Probably Mayor McCheese as well, but you can never trust politicians to really stand up for their stated beliefs.
    Oh, you were asking the other Dave. Sorry. As Doctor Seuss once wrote, there are too many Daves.

  6. Dave Boxthorn- You need to understand where they’re coming from. To the people on this site work is a luxury. Therefore they think it is the same for all americans. Hence the illegal immigration enthusiasm you see on display so often.

  7. “I am, however, opposed to free internships.”
    How noble of you. You should tell the millions of people who take and have taken them how bad they “really” are….

  8. There is a fine line between volunteering and internship in the non-profit world. If the post had been phrased as looking for “volunteers” would we be having this conversation?

  9. No, because they’re not looking for volunteers. They’re looking for paid interns, so…
    I’m pretty familiar with that line anyway. I worked for Limmud NY (paid) for three semesters, but I still do things for Limmud NY (like run all of our social media whatevers) on a volunteer basis.

  10. If anyone’s interested, I am a Jewish Currents intern as of last summer. I get paid $10 a hour– higher than minimum wage.

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