Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Removes Cross From Official Seal

San Diego Union Trib reports:

“The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors yesterday affirmed its decision last week to negotiate an agreement with the ACLU of Southern California under which a tiny cross will be removed from the county seal.”

Some anti-semites have pretty strong opinions on this one (cache courtesy of google). Interestingly, one of the most vocal proponents of keeping the cross on the seal was none other then Dennis Prager.

This evokes the current European Union discussion on including a mention of Christendom in their new constitution, which itself parallels the famous compromise eked out by the State of Israel’s founding fathers concerning the inclusion of a reference to God in Israel declaration of independence. (56 years later and still no constitution, but that is for another post.)

What’s your take on the secularization of the county seal?

[Tangentially, some translations of the Declaration have the seventh paragraph as follows “Placing our trust in the Rock of Israel” whilst other have it “Placing our trust in the Almighty,” which of course is Artscroll-esque revisionism…]

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