7 thoughts on “The Irony Continues

  1. Now this is the type of girl that needed to be in BBYO during my high school days.
    She would have made _the best_ Regional Sweetheart.

  2. Why yud-bet??
    The only thing i can think of spelled yud-bet is the ancient Jewish mercenary outpost at _Yeb_, Upper Egypt, from Second Temple times.
    Does this mean Christina Aguilera is planning on joining the IDF?
    “Yeb” is Ancient Egyptian for ‘elephant’, hence the other name for Yeb, Elephantine. Has Christina become anorexic, thinking she’s as big fat wrinkled and gray as an elephant?!
    How sad…
    Don’t worry, Christina, you’re a hot pop singer!
    “You are beautiful no matter what they say
    Words can’t bring you down, no, no
    Cause you are beautiful in every single way
    Yes words can’t bring you down. Oh, no”!!!!

  3. If you haven’t, swing by a magazine rack and check out the actually copy of Elle. The tat is _very_ clear. Yud-Bet. It’s kinda cool. And she was looking fine, her fat-phase is over. Great shot of the nipple ring in there too.

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