Madonna’s Hubby Says Berg’s Not After Her Money

The Mirror reports,

Madonna’s husband Guy Ritchie admitted yesterday he thought the Kabbalah cult was only after his wife’s money.

The film director believed the religious group was targeting Madonna “for the simple reason that she is rich”.

But Ritchie, 35, is now a confirmed group member after meeting founder Rabbi Philip Berg.

And he defended the sect of Jewish mysticism.

He said: “Kabbalah is an extension of the way most of us try to live our lives. It’s just about being a decent person.

“Put it this way, I’ve never met a kabbalahist [sic] who is a c*nt.

Ritchie also rejected claims it is a dangerous sect which reels in the rich and famous.

He said Madonna, 45, was not asked to pay for “spiritual enlightenment”.

“After six years, she has never received any kind of bill from anyone.”

Madonna is rarely seen without the sect’s trademark red string bracelet.

And why should Madonna have to pay for anything anyway? She’s done more for the Kabbalah Center’s PR than Rubenstein & Associates ever could.

3 thoughts on “Madonna’s Hubby Says Berg’s Not After Her Money

  1. So who’s paying for all those sets of Hebrew-English Zohars that Berg’s group is handing out for free in Yesha and Israel?
    At first they charged about $50 for the entire set of volumes in Hebrew, but dropped the price to free shortly after. They claim that they ran out of hebrew-only and are handing out the english versions which are ‘the same’.

  2. Tangentially– I was just reading D. Rushkoff’s critique of Kabbalism in Nothing Sacred, and wanted to comment. This “celebrity” Kabbalah should not be confused with the real thing. The fact that Rushkoff does so in his book (which has been a fascinating read), was very disappointing to me.
    I had the good fortune to study (really just scratch the surface) of Kabbalah with a rabbi in Jerusalem, and rather than encouraging inaction and messiah-longing, the focus was on making the profane sacred by doing good deeds (“leha’alot et ha nitzatzot).
    Maybe this comment has been made, but I’m new to this stuff 🙂

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