Masked Super Jew Again A No-Show

Much like every issue of their magazine to date, the arrival of Heeb‘s new blog “The Heart Punch” (allegedly operated by “a former professional wrestler who turned to journalism after being banned from The United Wrestling Federation for refusing to battle in a Dog Collar and Chain Match on Yom Kippur”) has been pushed back yet again. The blog, which was supposed to debut tomorrow (on Shabbos!), and well, two weeks before then, and two weeks before that, is now scheduled to launch another two weeks from now.

Mmm, I won’t hold my breath…

2 thoughts on “Masked Super Jew Again A No-Show

  1. Are you afraid of a little competition?
    Honestly, none of you are cool. We are talking about a couple of professional Jews and Professional academics here pretending that they are hip. Get over it.

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