New Voices @ NYU Highlights

Here are some highlights from the tentative New Voices Conference schedule:


5:30-6:30 Panel: “Why are we always talking about Israel?”
Guests Danny Shapiro, asst. director of ICC; Adam Shatz, literary editor of
the Nation; Jen Goldstein of Brit Tzedek v’Shalom

7pm Def Midrash Jam with Mima’amakim at Bowery Poetry Club


11:45-1pm Panel: “New Jewish Culture”
Guests: Alana Newhouse (Arts editor, Forward), George Robinson (film/music
critic), Jake Marmer (editor, Mima’amakim)

2-3:30 Panel: “Selling Judaism”
Speakers: Jay Michaelson of Zeek, Paul Golin of JOI


10:30-12 Panel: New vs. Established Jewish Media
Speakers: Gary Rosenblatt of the Jewish Week; Lisa Hostein of the JTA; Josh
Neuman and Anya Kamenetz of Heeb

1-2:15 Panel: Can the Internet Change our Relationship to Judaism?
Speakers: Jeff Jarvis, Dan Sieradski, Jeff Sharlet, Steven Weiss

3-4:15 Panel: Writing Jewish Humor
Panelists: Arie Kaplan of Mad Magazine, Nick Kroll of Barmitzvahdisco.com,
Eric Drysdale of the Daily Show

Sounds like it’s gonna be fun, don’t it?

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