6 thoughts on “Material Girl in the Holy Land

  1. You’re joking. She does two concerts and she’s defying the state department. The Israel Tourism agency said that. Let’s face it, this is a purely capitalist enterprise on both sides, even if she does go to the Wall for some red string.

  2. Yeah, okay, but she’s showing a lot more guts than a lot of native-born 100% halakhic members of the tribe.

  3. Gotta love it. Madonna represents everything that scares the bejeezus out of Hamas-Aqsa-Martyrs… and Naturei Karta.

  4. Girlfriend always had chutzpah. Plus, last year she took my name as her “Kabbalah name.” So I’m having people at the office refer to me as Madonna, which is my new karaoke name.

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