22 thoughts on “Matzoh & Metal

  1. yea, scott ian is jewish. i forget his real name but he went to Bayside HS in Queens NY with my uncle and had one of those names like goldberg or weisman or someting.

  2. That looks suspiciously like manischewitz on the table. Couldn’t VH1 spring for some better wine??
    And, where’s Gene Simmons?

  3. scott ian rosenfeld is an athiest. besides that the jewish faith does not allow for a proper jewish burial with all those sleeve tattoo’s or piercings. ie. concentration camp wwII tattoo’s – btw- nice motley crue copycat. and what’s with all the pentagrams scott – we thought you were athiest and no jumping on the satan devil hell bandwagon

  4. I’m a drag king who has done lots of heavy-metal bar mitzvah boy performance and I have to say this is my DREAM SHOW. Now I just have to find someone with cable to tape it for me! Thanks for spreading the word.
    PS I’m a real jew with tattoos and piercings– we’re everywhere and we know how to rock as well as daven!

  5. RE: “Why don’t you guys find a real Jew?” Scott Ian is a Jew. Period. Wether he believes in G-d or not is another question. HIs mother was Jewish (and father) so according to Jewish law he is a Jew. As far as the Tattoos go – you are WRONG. This is an old wive’s tale and it has been debated over and over again, but the fact remains you CAN be buried in an orthodox cemetary with tattoos. My own Grandfather is proof as is Lenny bruce and countless others. Stop trying to scare people and stop being so divisive. Just saying the phrase “real Jew” is divisive in itself. We need everyone we can get and I for one think it’s great that these guys are doing this. Death to false metal and Shalom and I’m out.

  6. I hope he doesn’t wreck the seder, like he and his bandmates wrecked the BUndys House, even Marcy got in on the action

  7. That sounds like a fun show, I sure hope they are showing it here in Israel. Though, they could assemble several more jewish metalheads (as someone already mentioned – Marty Friedman), and make a truely huge metal pesach party! 😀

  8. I think, they should invite other jewis rock and metalheadzz: Slash, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Simmons, Salem band and others… and with all that circus they should come to Holy Land, for a super concert.

  9. for all interested, there’s an exclusive pre-Seder interview with Mountain’s Leslie West about the Seder, his recent recordings with Ozzy, his Jewish boyhood in Forest Hillz, and other nonsense on The Pig of Death today — cheers!

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