Yiddish Singing Wandering Shephard in NYC

New York based writer, Sam Apple, an editor at Nerve.com, who has written for The New York Times, The Jerusalem Report, the Forward and The New York Sun, and is former editor in cheif of New Voices Magazine, publishes his first book this week: Schlepping Through the Alps.
The Library Journal writes:

Apple, a young Jewish writer from New York with a neurotic fear of illness and strange foods, here meets a gentile Austrian shepherd, Hans Breuer, who is a passionate singer and preserver of Yiddish songs. Apple takes up Breuer’s invitation to shepherd with him in the Austrian countryside, where the Holocaust is still alive in tiny detail. As the two “schlep through the Alps,” Apple comes to some shocking discoveries about the Austrians and their Nazi past as well as his own knowledge of the Holocaust (or lack thereof).

For a light taste of humor, visit their hilarious promo site for a silly new Passover song.
If you’re in NYC, however, you should come out for the main event next Wednesday, April 6: Reading & Yiddish Folk Concert With A Wandering Shepherd at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Tribeca. The evening not only feautres live readings from the book with Apple, but also live performances with Hans, JDub‘s Yiddish Hip-Hop Master So Called, and internationally acclaimed klezmer clarinetist David Krakauer.
Get all the info (plus Jew*School discount)right here.

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