Maybe Somebody Should Find Out What Jews Do in Alaska?

Recent legislation extending Daylight Savings Time is meeting some resistence in the frum sector. DST extended to November would mean that the sun wouldn’t rise in most places until 8:30 or 8;45, making it just about impossible to get a minyan through Shacharit in time to hit work by 9.
This is a serious moral pickle, given that the DST extension has the potential to save something like 100,000 barrels of oil.
Full story here.

6 thoughts on “Maybe Somebody Should Find Out What Jews Do in Alaska?

  1. And here in New Zealand the sun sets before 6pm throughout most of winter. Making it impossible to get home (let alone cook dinner) before shabbat starts. But we don’t have a frum sector to make a fuss about such things… 🙁

  2. Has anyone really ever checked out those studies about saving money through DST and EST? For every proponent, there seems to be an opponent.
    What about people driving to work in the dark still groggy from waking up before the coffe kicks in? Has anyone quantified the human factor of getting to work/school in a crummy mood?

  3. Saving 100,000 barrels of oil is not a “moral pickle.” Especially compared to the need to pray at a certain time to a “deity.”

  4. what’s the fuss? You can daven BEFORE sunrise, as long as there is some daylight (enough to recognize a casual aquaintence at dalet amot, or else to distinguish blue/green, or blue white– I forget the exact description).
    It sounds to me like people enjoy kvetching. . . who’d have thought 😛

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