5 thoughts on “The Power Of Nightmares

  1. Mobious,
    I agree that the Neo-Cons have fundamentalist tendancies. However, they were not just dissappointed with the left, but inspired by the recapture of Jerusalem. WHo needs universalism when you have ancient nationalism?
    Side note – Kissinger is not a Neocon. Kissinger is “realpolitik”, which is to a large degree amoral, not specifically right-wing.

  2. It’s quite a stretch to say that American conservatives were inspired by the liberation of Jerusalem. The 1967 war took place when Israel was still projecting a strongly secular image. The Jewish intellectuals who became NeoCons were all uniformly secular and assimlated.
    Remember the NEO in Neo-Con? These people were “inspired” by the abject, obvious failure of the left/liberal ideas they believed in. Specifically:
    – the failure of socialism
    – the failure of detente
    – the failure of the western welfare state
    – the negative social and human impacts of the sexual revolution.
    Right now, it is the leftists of Eurabia and America that are making common cause with Muslim fundamentalists in attacking the values of democracy. It is the leftists who are fashioning an appologia for Muslim terror out of arguments based on victimology politics and flyblown Marxist theories of class warfare.
    Nice try at a smoke screen, guys – but The Rest Of Us see the truth quite clearly.

  3. Ben-David,
    I was not speaking about American conservatives. I was speaking of the Jewish neo-cons, and these Jewish “conversatives”, prior to the six-day war, were not just assimilated and secular, they were Left and liberal.
    Those other issues you mentioned certainly became issues, but the trigger issue for the break from the Left was the recapture of Jerusalem.
    Additionally, I was not defending Marxism or advocating “appologia” for Muslim terror – but nice try to you for pretending that anyone who disagrees with any aspects of the Neocon or Zionist positions are radical leftists.
    Rather, I will continue to bring the point back to those specific issues where your outlook is faulty, and encourage like-minded independent thinkers to do the same.
    Your hyperbole will get you nowhere in the long run.

  4. Mobius —-Please post this. it is in response to the posting right below entitled “come on By”. thank you.
    I witnessed one of these shabbat gatherings of yours and what i saw was a total hilul Hashem. I want to warn anyone who is serious about Torah to avoid these “shabbatons”. This past shabbat was parsha Pinchas and the previous week was Balak. In these parshiyot we see Am Yisrael chasing after Midianite women and serious idolatry through Ba’al Peor. It is only through sexual promiscuity that the Jews are damaged. 24,ooo Jews were killed because of this grave situation. Only Pinchas, son of Elazar, son of Aharon the Cohen rose up and stopped the plague that was consuming the Jews. Through this act of violence he was granted a Covenant of Peace with Hashem only because he did it with a pure motive – to protect the Jewish people’s relationship with Hashem.
    Last night I stopped by this shabbaton that was organized and what i saw shocked me. A group of Holy Jews, many “religious” were sitting completely nude in a circle. Other religious jews sat on the side looking on. Sitting naked! on the exact shabbat that the Torah warns us to be sexually pure. i couldn’t believe it. A few of the guys there suddenly became ashamed and got dressed quickly, while others howled at the moon. many of the people who came in my party left immediately and a couple others explained to the naked revelers that they were desecrating the shabbat. mixing kedusha with promiscuity is a cocktail for trouble.
    I earnestly warn anyone who is serious about protecting Am Yisrael to seriously avoid these shabbat experiences. Right now the Jewish people are in a very precarious position….every mitzvah counts. Let’s continue to bring goodness and Light into the world so we may merit Redemption immediately.
    shavuah tov!

  5. This video is simply more slick BBC propaganda, too many erroneous assumptions and flaws to indicate here. Ironically the premise of the piece is that neocons acted on preconceived assumptions to arrive at convenient conclusions … entirely what this piece has done! No effort was made to show a balanced picture at all. I think the eminent James Burke is the narrarator, giving it a feel of real authority … it’s bunk.

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