McGreevey: Because there is always an Israeli angle

If it wasn’t shocking enough that New Jersey Governor James E. McGreevey disclosed yesterday that he was gay and had an affair with another man…

Aides to the governor, a Democrat, said the affair was with a former aide, Golan Cipel, who was hired by the governor in 2002 as an adviser to the state Office of Homeland Security. He resigned eight months later as a special adviser to the governor, at a salary of $110,000. The aides said Mr. Cipel had threatened to file a lawsuit accusing the governor of sexual harassment.

McGreevey met Cipel on a trip to Israel and brought him back and appointed him as a special advisor on terrorism despite his only professional experience being that he worked in the PR department of Rishon Letzion. Oh, and he is a published poet. Read all about it.

14 thoughts on “McGreevey: Because there is always an Israeli angle

  1. What’s embarrassing about it, Sarah? A politician who can admit he’s wrong and accept responsibility without resorting to spin? That gasp a public figure is gay? Or that his partner is an Israeli? I, for one, am extremely impressed with McGreevey’s honesty. We could use a lot more of it.

  2. no, not with mcgreevy.im impressed with him too. its that the guy is israeli…and he wants to sue. this could also possibly give israelis a bad rep in america. i just hope he won’t sue the governor.

  3. Yet another covert effort by the israelis to destabilize american politics — No doubt Cipel’s handlers have already lined up the korrect replacement, or somehow also compromised the Lt. governor in a sexual fashion.

  4. A classic shondeh. Of all the people on earth this faygeleh governor would have to go and get involved with an Israeli. And now the whole world needs to know about this. Oh and not only that but Cipel also tried to extort fifty million dollars for the “harassment.” What harassment? The harassment of being given a $110,000 a year job which he was not qualified for? So now all the goyim will be able to say, “See, the stereotype is real. That IS what those greedy Jews are like.”

  5. Meh. I kinda like the idea of a queer governor living out his fantasies with a hot Jew. I’d rather our stereotype be sexy gay extortionist Israeli than conniving wall-street financier.
    I have to say, Yitz, this is not the “classic” shondeh.

  6. As my brother sort of said (this is a paraphrase), “What do the McGreevey-Cipel and Clinton-Lewinsky scandals mean? That Jews are IRRESISTABLE!”

  7. Notice how he waited till 3 months before a big (and until now, close) presidential election to try to extort $50,000,000. Just a coincidence?

  8. being gay is basically irrelevant
    the real scandal is that McGreevey faked this guy’s resume and hired a foreigner who had no experience, nor security clearance or even the ability to get clearance as the NJ security coordinator

  9. I have to agree with John B. here…
    The only issue I have with McGreevey’s Gayness is that now he wants to hide behind the shield of being a “gay american.”
    It’s like don’t bother me about my infidelity and my illegal deeds… I’m GAY now and therefore above reproach.
    Also I LOVE the fact that now Cipel is telling everyone he is NOT GAY. It’s that old Israel Machismo kicking in. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  10. Jews really have far too much to say; and if you say so, you’re an anti-semite. Jews are not the only Semites, ya know.

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