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  1. Regarding the Arafat discussion of a few days ago… If the Jewish community is going to fixate on kicking out a regional leader who is a barrier to peace, a cause of terror, runs his gov’t like a mafioso, foments violence, and impoverishes his own people, let’s focus on our own leader. The US Jewish community needs to step up and help get rid of Sharon and his ilk. Perhaps by doing so, we will give moderate Palestinians the will and ability to get rid of their own violent, bitter, corrupt old man… But let’s do ours first. We are the ones with power at this moment in time. We should lead. Tikkun Olam!
    Sharon Is Questioned by Israeli Police in Two Political Corruption Cases By GREG MYRE
    JERUSALEM, Oct. 30 — The Israeli police questioned Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for seven hours on Thursday in connection with two investigations into possible cases of political corruption involving Mr. Sharon and his two sons.
    Top Israeli Officer Says Tactics Are Backfiring
    JERUSALEM, Oct. 30 — Israel’s senior military commander told columnists for three leading newspapers this week that Israel’s military tactics against the Palestinian population were too repressive and were fomenting explosive levels of “hatred and terrorism” that might become impossible to control.

  2. hopeist–try to stay on topic of the post you’re commenting on. also, if you scroll down, you’ll see i already covered the dissent in the ranks of the IDF.

  3. Not a bad article, although Dazed and Confused was not number one at the box office and it takes place during the seventies.

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