Megillat Esther: The Movie

A Christian evangelical production company, Gener8xion, has produced a film adaptation of evangelical minister Tommy Tenney‘s novel adaptation of The Book of Esther, One Night With The King. The movie stars Peter O’Toole and Omar Shariff (who last appeared together in Lawrence of Arabia), and newcomer Tiffany Dupont as Queen Esther. Due out sometime this fall, the company is seeking missionaries (er, volunteers) to help promote and distribute the film.
I’d have something snarky to say, but it’s not a Mel Gibson film and the sets and costumes actually look pretty frickin’ amazing. Check out the trailer here.

6 thoughts on “Megillat Esther: The Movie

  1. You should have something snarky to say: these people are interested in Judaism for all the wrong reasons. Purim is not the starting-place for the curious; Jews manipulate a host government, with sex no less?

  2. Enya? A lead actess named Tiffany? The guy from the new Battlestar Galactica? Gimli the Dwarf? A threatening black dude accompanied by scary thunder and lightning? There is so very much to snark at in this drek!
    Like no reading of the Megila I’ve ever attended.

  3. This is going to sound crazy but it’s true:
    The fundy crossworshipping attitude toward Judaism uses the exact same hallucination of “Jews” as the Nazis did, but with a diffferent conclusion. In this framework, Jews are different, favored by God and superior, and people get totally screwed if you cross them, and (important) you get to be one if you accept Baby Jesus into your heart as your personal lord and saviour. As logical as posting on a Jewish site on a Friday evening, right? But have you heard of that before? A great many nutjobs use the “we’re the real Jews” angle–a cult in Japan that reads the Protocols as an instruction book for a kind of “Japanese” world conspiracy, the British Israelites and Identity Christianity, the Black Israelites of the Howard Stern Show. This is not even philo-Semitism, this is a kind of usurpment, like “Jews for Jesus.” Of course, these guys are a little moire semantically consistent: their point, pretty much in Paul’s bit about circumcision, is that the franchise has been extended even if you weren’t born in it.
    It is truly bizarre that some people can be more worried about Mel and his dad–who is a bona fide Nazi dumb enough to be open about it, but also impotent and airheaded–than about the underlying evangelical-settler thing, this wierd joyless marriage of expected exploitation and political convenience that promises blood.

  4. Nothing snarky to say?
    At least the ten commandments didn’t skew too much of the facts like this thing already does.
    If anyone want to know part of the story behind the megillah in english, all you have to do is get the Shottenstein Artscroll Megillah tractate and you’ll get to read about the juicy stuff that no one bothered to tell us when we were younger (the ‘king and Vashti were planning an orgy, Ahashverosh was the evil one, Haman the ‘messenger’, Eshter was married to Mordechai, not the niece, etc…

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