Vote for Matisyahu on mtvU!

Matisyahu‘s new video for his song “King Without A Crown” is now available for viewing on mtvU! Click here to watch (scroll down to the Matisyahu link). Afterwards, go to this page and vote for the video, so that it gets on mtvU’s “Dean’s List”! And while you’re at it, check out Mat’s interview with MTV News here.
Next stop, TRL!

9 thoughts on “Vote for Matisyahu on mtvU!

  1. holy crapolia! i saw this link earlier in the week, but since i just registered at jewsweek and my login isn’t working yet, i wanted to say — that shomer shabbos article kicks freakin butt, mobius. i went to yeshiva with barya for a couple of years and he would often utter simple, profound things that cut to the quick like that — a big phat ass ‘shkoyach on your new shabbos resolve, bro! if you’re ever in riverdale, NY, swing by for some moroccan chullent!

  2. its crazy how someone who has such AMAZING live shows has such an awful CD. It has none of his energy, in fact, they slowed everything down to the point where its only good to listen to when you are REALLY REALLY high.

  3. i really dig the matis record. but you’re right, gershon – it’s a totally different sound than his live show. the gravity of his voice doesn’t really come through. but, i think the instrumentation on the record is top notch.

  4. Instrumentation it has, but it doesnt have his amazing LIVE energy.
    They should have stalled putting it out until they had great recordings of his live shows like this for example.

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