A publicist for www.Jewishdating.us just emailed me. Apparently, it’s not a Jewish dating site, but a site to discuss *other* Jewish dating sites. According to the press release, “The first ever web site set up to talk about Jewish dating has now gone live.”

“JewishDating.us (http://www.jewishdating.us) acts as an independent resource and forum where Jewish people can not only discuss and share their experience of using online Jewish dating services such as JDate, JCupid and other services, but also comment on the rise of speed dating and other ways for Jewish people to meet their ideal Jewish partner.”

“With nearly one million Jewish people around the world either signed up to or previewing online Jewish dating services, JewishDating.us aims to be a helpful resource when choosing and using which service provider to go with.”

So I propose we start yet another site – JewishDatingDiscussionsDiscussion.com – where we can compare the relative merits of sites on which Jewish dating sites are discussed. And so on.

2 thoughts on “meta-jewish-dating

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