5 thoughts on “freaky deaky

  1. i must admit i was hanging on every word, but… this is phony baloney. eBay just doesn’t keep listings up for that long (it was from june). fun to read though.

  2. There is nothing within Jewish text or tradition that could suggest or verify any of the claims or “customs” mentioned in the ad. Very creative though. I would say that this person has a future in horror writing. The story itself though may be interesting to analyze – where did the dibbuk go if it was in there?

  3. the use of the word keselim was interesting. the only meaning of the word that i can think of is “fools”, impleing lack of conciousness or concern. fools?
    the engraving of the shma on the back is also decidedly un mystical as any kind of a binding spell. the divine name of god isn’t even spelled out all the way, let alone any binding names! just the abreveated YY used in prayer books sometimes when they want to be less holy.
    cat urine. hmmm…

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