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  1. I dont think it’s wrong. Over 30 Israelis have died due to Palestinians who just marry for the sole purpose of gaining citizenship so they could terrorize.
    If terrorism didnt exist in the first place, niether would this law.

  2. I sick of this liberal garbage, what are you stupid!! how can it be wrong. Eretz Yisroel is for Jews only, Period. No Arabs should be infesting our land to begin with. Kick them all out, there’s your roadmap. Send everylast stinking, murdering Arab out of Israel!!!!!!!!!!

  3. it’s an interesting gesture, drawing the line between “jew” and “arab” pretty thickly. aparteid for peace? ostensibly for the sake of being able to give palestinians autonomy is how they got such a majority to vote for it.
    it’s weird tho, tribal politics. overt transfer of palestinians to other countries seems much less evil and toxic than this farce of a solution, but it’s muich harder to do politically without being pushed to fringe.
    you’d be amazed how much image and “what i’m going to look like if i do so-and-so counts for in israeli politics. wait, no you wouldn’t.

  4. Condoning marriage between Israelis and Arabs is plain wrong, eapecially in light of all the non-ceasing terror. It is even worse than the unfortunate everyday ever inscreasing jew/goyim marriages in this country.

  5. If “Eretz Yisroel” is for “Jews Only” as LTALI proclaims, why doesn’t G-d just get rid of all of them?
    Nonna K, There is a HUGE difference between condoning the marriage and just letting people live their lives. These people fall in love, get married, and are then kicked out of their country? Just doesn’t seem right to me.
    Also, it’s unfortunate that you consider happily married couples “unfortunate” because they have different ideological backgrounds. People need to follow their hearts, and if it leads them to someone who didn’t grow up in a temple, so be it. Don’t stick up your nose at them like they are “beneath” you. Just be happy that two people love each other enough to overcome differences in religion. Interfaith marriages can be very beautiful.

  6. oh? because you say so, or because the torah does? or because your leaders do? is there something in the talmud that says a jew shouldn’t marry a muslim?

  7. Mo1 – Actually, the Talmud does mention it a little bit (sorry, I have no clue where, I heard this during a shiur around 3 or 4 am on Shavuos and don’t know my way around Talmud to begin with). The rabbi was talking about the Jewish legal system in the past, in shtetls and ghettos and stuff where the Jews were left to have their own courts and laws and the countries they were living in wouldn’t have to worry about them. There was a woman who had left the Jewish part of town to go live with a Muslim man. One time she returned to the ghetto and had their baby with her, and the men on the court felt they had the obligation to make a symbol of her, that this was wrong. They decided that since the Muslim had seen her as beautiful in his eyes, they would try to take away that beauty – and the court had her nose cut off! If someone else could find the source for that, it would be great.

  8. that’s barbaric and does not coincide with other instances in the talmud where the rabbis argue that if one person is executed by the sanhedrin in 1000 years it should be considered an evil court.

  9. Mo1 regarding the maiming of the Jewess who eloped w/a Moslem so that the Moslem would no longer find her attractive, I remember hearing something about mosrim (Jews who would turn in other Jews to Gentiles) in Poland having their ears or noses maimed. I’m SURE that your story is NOT Talmudic since Islam is post-Talmudic. best to all, Ra’anan Jers.

  10. Jews and moslems are fighting over the land, they are not fighting over their religions. Think about it. Jews and Moslems are both monotheist, they both don’t eat pork or illegitimate meat… it’s not wrong for two people (a jew and a moslem) to get married as long as they’re in love, happy and have the basic principles of their religion: There is a God. There is a judgment day, there is heaven, there is hell. God Created us all, we’re all humans, whether one is jew, christian, moslem, buddhist or whatever belief. I don’t think we differ in the eyes of the Lord, except how strong our belief is. All the best.

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