10 thoughts on “Minus Mitzvah

  1. I guess a bar is a great place for leftists, rightist turned traitors-to-cause and other ignorants to continue getting plastered while they ignore reports like this by Haaretz’s Palestinian correspondant:
    Two Polls: Palestinians Support Fighting Israel Until It Is Destroyed
    by Amira Hass, Ha’aretz
    June 24, 2004
    Two Palestinian public opinion polls published in the beginning of the week confirm that most Palestinians support fighting Israel until it is
    According to a Jerusalem Media and Communication Centre (JMCC) poll, 63.6% either strongly or partially oppose ceasing all types of “militant activity” inside Israel.
    JMCC also found that 45.5% believe that the final aim of the intifada is to “free all Palestinian land” (including Israel).
    A poll by the Bir Zeit University’s Development Studies Program found that 54% doubt the possibility of Israeli-Palestinian coexistence in the
    framework of a peace agreement, and 61% support continuing the “armed struggle” following an Israeli withdrawal from Gaza.
    G,day everyone.

  2. Josh, seriously… lighten up.
    I’m a neo-con too, don’t you worry. I like my walls like my goyls like me, erect. But getting all angry won’t do you any good.
    I think the new joke in two or three years will be to the tune of: “What’s the biggest cause of a Jewish boy going into therapy? OPP. Other People’s Politics.” Jewish Mothers are obsolete.

  3. Oh yeah, and since when do Bar Mitzvah’s not have open bars? Shabot should get nice and liquored up on Wine, Vodka, and Beer (aka Purple Jesuses).
    I miss being 13.

  4. er, also, josh — 60% of palestinians is not equal to 100% of palestinians. do the other 40% deserve to suffer for the sins of the majority?
    and the 45% who believe in the utter destruction of israel–don’t you think it’s possible to rehabilitate them ideologically?

  5. Oh no! This is terrible Josh, because if there’s one thing we’ve learned from history, it’s that public opinion polls cannot change. The only solution is to draft men, not beer, and deport all those Palestinian bastards back to…where they came from…you know, Babylon…

  6. Josh, the poll you presented proves only one thing. That the only way to win this war, and the war on terror, is by education. The palestians only say this because this is what they are taught. But then they see us hating them and it reinforces their belief. What is your poll trying to prove anyway? That we need to kill all palestians because they have a different belief?

  7. Mobius wrote:
    don’t you think it’s possible to rehabilitate them ideologically?

    Liberal Jew wrote:
    Josh, the poll you presented proves only one thing. That the only way to win this war, and the war on terror, is by education.

    Do you people hear yourselves? How do you think a Palestinian reading this would react to your well meaning aspirations? “Oh please Mr. Well Meaning Jewish Guy. Please save me from the error of my ways, for I am a mere ignorant little refugee.” Geez, what arrogance.
    Palestinians are not idiots. They do not need to be educated by us or anyone else.

  8. ck,
    Do you watch TV or listen to the radio around election time. All those stupid ads. Why do they rum them? To piss people off? Of course not. They change people’s minds. Does that mean Americans are stupid. Similarly, there is advertising all over the world, even in non-democratic countries. Is everyone on earth stupid? It is not condiscending to think that with some good PR and a bit cleaner behavior, the Israelis could easily turn public opinion in their favor. It’s happened before, and it could happen again.

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