5 thoughts on “Mishegaas

  1. “Scientifically sound and threatening to our preconceived notions of G-d and religion?”
    Ha. This guys intollerance (and closed mindedness) trumps most Chassidim I’ve met. The fact that this facist sees all brain activity as nothing more than neuron’s firing speaks volumes. As well known analyst once said: “If dreams are nothing more than random neuron’s firing…try tellling your wife that the wet dream you had about your neighbors wife is nothing but accidental brain activity”.

  2. It’ s not accurate to equate Chapter 11 with “going belly up”. If that were so – there would be no airlines left other than Southwest these days…
    You are confusing Chapter 11 with Chapter 7 (which WOULD mean “going belly up”….

  3. Shtreimel,
    Why does his chemical explanation make Dawkins a fascist?
    I can understand why his views are painfully threatening to the mindset of a ba’al teshuvah, but to me they make perrrrrrrfect sense.
    There’s no reason to cart out epithets like “fascist” just because he makes you nervous. (Unless that nervousness is just brain neurons firing randomly.)

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