5 thoughts on “Mishegaas

  1. Donnie Davis appears to be a character played by a guy named Joel Oglesby. I saw the Donnie Davis website a while ago and immediately knew it was fake because of some of the “gay bands” he listed. If he practiced restraint at not making some easy jokes, it might have been more believable. Come on, DMX? Ghostface Killah? That’s the line.

  2. “Israel’s Supreme Court has approved same sex unions. ”
    Thank G-d! Now we can all stop pretending that Israel is a democratic state and instead is ruled by what, eight or nine people?

  3. “Israel’s Supreme Court has approved same sex unions.” – I don’t think anything new happened on this. This seems to just be a repost of news that is several months old. And an incorrect repost at that. The court ruling was about REGISTRATION of same-sex marriages performed abroad, not RECOGNITION. Under Israeli law (and in the eyes of the court in this ruling), these are two distinct things (the court had ruled that clerks were required to register a same-sex marriage from abroad if the couple so requested, but they specifically said no state or legal benefits should then come from that registration – although the logic here got a bit twisted and the justices admitted that some folks might indeed assume “registration” means the marriage is legally valid). So unless there is something I don’t know about and the court just issued another ruling, or a clarification of the original ruling, there is no new news. Please correct me if I’m wrong, though!

  4. They’re gonna burn a copy of the Talmud? Where are they gonna get it? Are they gonna buy it? So, nu? Are they gonna steal it from a Minnesota library? Stupid nazis.

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