7 thoughts on “Mishegaas

  1. Thank you. To the extant that knowledge of air bags reduces seat belt usage, it is dangerous knowledge. (Just because the Busheviks misuse the concept of moral hazard doesn’t mean it’s not real.) I guess I’ll have to stop telling my kids about air bags.
    “Sorry, the reason that you can’t sit in the front seat is that the tooth fairy doesn’t want you to.”

  2. To draw on these absurd analagozies, lets teach children how to build a nuclear bomb, that way they will be better informed and be able to make the right choice.

  3. personally, i think sex education is the least of our worries when many of our schools can barely teach kids basic reading comprehension and math. and whats the point of teaching evolution to kids who don’t know the difference between a bacterial and a viral infection? schools need more money.

  4. yid smith– I disagree fundamentally with your metaphor.
    but to make it at least somewhat more apt, it should read: “kids are already playing with radioctive material, and as we can’t prevent them, the best we can do is to teach them safer ways to handle it.”
    come on. no one learns how to have sex in these classes– they seem to figure that much out on their own.

  5. Re: “Rudy Giuliani has, for five years, employed an alleged sex offender as an executive in his consultancy firm. Monsignor Alan J. Placa, a Catholic priest, in fact, is accused of not only abusing children, but using his position to help cover up abuse.”
    “Alleged” and “accused,” Mobius? You mean like the three men whom Mike Nifong accused of raping Crystal Gail Mangum? If I accuse someone I don’t like of a real or imaginary offense, does that mean he should be automatically fired or disqualified?
    “If there is another terror attack by November — as top Republican thugs keep warning us — it will prove without a shadow of a doubt that George W. Bush has done precisely nothing to make us safer from terrorism.”
    Right: if some militant “Muslim” manages to get past security and set off a bomb somewhere, it’s all W’s fault. Just like the U.S.S. “Cole” and first World Trade Center bombings were Bill Clinton’s fault, right?

  6. after the first wtc attack, bill clinton expanded counterterrorism funding by 300%. in his first week in office, bush slashed the counterterrorism budget and ordered the intelligence community to back off the saudis, including the bin laden family.
    following 9/11, bush’s activities — particularly his invasion of iraq — have lead to an exponential increase in terrorist activity, with the number of terrorist attacks doubling nearly every year since 2001. his policies towards the middle east have inflamed anti-americanism and antisemitism to a rate unseen in america’s 231 year history.
    in the meantime, the administration has employed its newly minted anti-terror legislation to pursue drug dealers, anti-war activists, and environmental activists, rather than focusing on the actual threat of terrorism. he has furthermore alloted billions in federal “preparedness” funds to places like kentucky, while slashing aid to law enforcement agencies and fire companies in nyc.

  7. and as per giuliani’s buddy — were it one person making an unfounded allegation, that would be one thing. that it is dozens who are making these allegations, and that placa provided legal aid to an entire swath of “priestly” sex offenders, should be more than enough to rightly damage the man’s credibility.
    for shame, for shame bill levinson. your hatred of liberals and muslims has turned you blind.

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