Mishegaas, Misc.


4 thoughts on “Mishegaas, Misc.

  1. FYI, Birthright NEXT in Boston is hosting an “Important Activist Conference” (so says the facebook event page featuring the president of Christians and Jews United for Israel. I don’t know as much about this organization, although the presence of quotes from Pope Paul II on their website makes me think it’s not (exclusively) evangelical, although that says nothing about how right-wing they may or may not be. (Incidentally, the event page says it’s sponsored by the Federation, but NEXT in Boston is run out of the Federation, and the message I got as a member of Boston Birthright Israel NEXT’s facebook group said “This Conference is geared primarily towards young Birthright alumni in the Boston area.”
    Also, Jewschool will have a full review of Torah Queeries in the coming month. The book arrived this week and as soon as The Wandering Jew wanders back to the location of the book, he’s on it. Stay tuned.

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