Mishegaas, Misc.

  • NPR on reviving the New Orleans Jewish community
  • The Idan Raichel Project is coming to UCLA
  • Etgar Keret’s “HaKeytena Shel Kneller” (Kneller’s Happy Campers) has been made into a movie that’s getting decent reviews. They took out a lot of the explicit refrerences to Israeli stuff, but it has the potential to be almost as twisted as a Keret story (really you should just read the novella, though.)
  • DIY Tikkun
  • Aramaic Soduku. Rashi font also available.
  • November is Jewish Book Month; there are lots of good events happening all over the place, so go track down something interesting, willya?
  • 5 thoughts on “Mishegaas, Misc.

    1. Wristcutters does more than remove the specific Israeliness of the characters – it also tacks on a happy ending, which to me somewhat misses the point of Keret’s story. (Incidentally, there was also a fantastic comix adaptation that Keret did with Asaf Hanukkah called Pizzeria Kamekazi, originally serialized in “Bipolar” but now available in paperback.)

    2. A happy end makes a lot of sense. I’m Keret is delighted to see that his novella has turned into a proper american movie (ie happy ending…)

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