2 thoughts on “Missing Action

  1. As of right now (May 14, 2005), the forty-eighth organization listed on the “Free Muslims Against Terrorism” website as an official endorser of the “March Against Terror” is “The Uzbekistani Kcid Skcus Hsawan Foundation for Peace”.
    Did you notice what “Kcid Skcus Hsawan” spells backwards?
    Wow… great endorsers!

  2. to be rude, we cannot help recall the way the American administration raped the military sideways in Vietnam and then, faced with decorated vets marching and talking about peace, suddenly grabbed the vet as their symbol, resurrecting Nazi trash about dolchstosslegende and (the important part) throwing up a mythology of the POW/MIA. As always, it was never about the people themselves. A similar thing we saw in Kuwait– the pitas at the mess halls came in embarassingly patriotic plastic baggies proclaiming remembrance of Kuwaiti POWs “stilll in Iraq,” which interestingly nobody has heard anything about since the flower-throwing started.
    So what do we know, but we expect no good things.

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